Our Passion

The old timber framed barns that dotted the landscape are slowly disappearing. Their story of perseverance, faith, hard work and generosity is being lost. We move our hands across the warm old familiar timber and smile. They still have a story to tell and we have a passion to share it with you.


It was a barn. We thank you for letting us give it a chance to tell another story.

Brian Habegger
Co-Owner of Legacy Lumber by MC Habegger

My wife and I love our new reclaimed barn wood floor!  We used mortise and tenon filled cross cut beams along with over 11 species of wood! Seldom does a day goes by that I don't comment to my wife or to a customer here at the store about how much we love our floor!  Bringing the beauty and heritage of these old barns into our homes is why we are doing this!  

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